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Welcome to the MSRS (Microsoft Robotics Studio) code page.

X80 Robot I have two X80 Robots, Tobor and Gelb. This is what Gelb looks like. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)
X80 robots are manufactured by Dr.Robot, Inc. in Canada. They have Wireless Ethernet to connect back to a host computer. Onboard sensors include a pan and tilt camera, sonar, infra-red and of course wheel encoders.
I have a program to control an X80 using a PDA with WiFi. (See my X80 Home Page for details.) This was the first step in porting my code across to MSRS because it involved translating from unmanaged C++ under Visual Studio 2003 to managed C# under Visual Studio 2005 (the MSRS development environment).


A book titled "Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio" will be available from Wrox press in June 2008. I co-authored this book with Kyle Johns from the Microsoft Robotics team. Included with the book is a lot of sample code that is available either from the ProMRDS home page or the Wrox home page.

Site Contents

This site contains code examples for use with the Microsoft Robotics Studio. I will continue to add to it over time. My ultimate objective is to provide a set of modules for use in an introductory Robotics Course. Note that the target audience is high school or undergraduate students with a limited amount of programming experience. Also, my interests are Computer Vision and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). This requires a fair amount of work.

Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please send e-mail to me using the address in the page footer. Some additional personal details are available below.

Please note that I cannot provide support for MSRS -- there are not enough hours in the day! You should use the Discussion Forums provided by Microsoft.

If you are interested in technical details, you are welcome to read my development notes for the Maze Simulator and Intro Program that I made while working on the code. These are just raw notes. At some stage I might extract the useful info and put it on a web page.

If you are new to MSRS, I suggest that you download the code below for the Maze Simulator, Intro Program and Explorer. Once you can get these programs running, you can start experimenting with the code.


The following software is continuously under development. I don't claim that this is wonderful code -- but it works!


The Maze Simulator and ExplorerSim have been updated for a book written by myself and Kyle Johns. The new code is available from the book web site:

The following version is now obsolete:
MSRS Apps 18-Jul-2007
This version was built with the version 1.5 release of MSRS. It is provided as a complete package with all of the services included. Please read the readme.txt for installation instructions.

Who Am I?

My name is Trevor Taylor. I am an independent consultant working in the field of Robotics Education in Brisbane, Australia. My interests include Computer Vision and Robotics.