X80 WiRobot


Welcome to the home page for information and software for the X80 WiRobot from Dr. Robot, Inc. of Markham, Ontario, Canada.

If you don't know what a WiRobot is, it's quite simple: a robot that uses WiFi (Wireless Ethernet) to communicate with another computer which acts as the controller. This means that a WiRobot is not very intelligent, but it does have a large array of sensors, including sonar and a pan and tilt camera.

Site Contents

This site is still quite new, but I hope to improve it over time. Comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please send e-mail to me using the address in the page footer.

Currently there is Information about the X80 WiRobot and a gallery of Screenshots for my software.


The following software is currently under development, but beta versions are available: