Packet Sender


The purpose of the Packet Sender is to pretend that it is an X80 robot. It can use a packet log from WiRobotTest to send packets to another program.

Note that this code uses the .NET Framework, and therefore it should run on any PC with .NET 2.0 installed.

Some brief documentation is available.


If you want to modify or re-compile this program you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The .NET 2.0 Framework is installed automatically when you install Visual Studio 2005.


You can download the program, including the source code. File size is around 905KB. Latest version 17th September, 2006.

The code is written in C# using Visual Studio 2005. All of the necessary files are in the download. Some sample log files are also included.

Copyright and License

This code is Copyright, but it is available for free download and you can modify and use the code according to the license which is included in the ZIP file. One of the conditions of use is that you must retain the Copyright notice in any new versions of the code.