WiRobot DLL


X80 WiRobots can be controlled remotely (tele-operated) via WiFi (Wireless Ethernet). Although Dr. Robot supplies software to control the robot, this is in the form of an ActiveX Control and no source code is provided.

The code provided here compiles into a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that can be used with any .NET language in a managed environment. In particular, this DLL has been used successfully with the new Microsoft Robotics Studio.

Note that this code uses the .NET Framework, and therefore it should run on any PC with .NET 2.0 installed.


The code has only been tested on Windows XP Service Pack 2. You do not need a lot of memory or a particularly fast PC. Although I have 1GB of RAM and a 2GHz processor, this is fairly standard for today's PCs.

If you want to modify or re-compile this program you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The .NET 2.0 Framework is installed automatically when you install Visual Studio 2005.


You can download the DLL, including the source code. File size is around 236KB. Latest version 17th September, 2006.

The code is written in C# using Visual Studio 2005. All of the necessary files are in the download, however, the DLL is of no use on its own -- you need to write a program to use it. I am currently working on a program written in Visual Basic as an example.

Basically, the code exposes a WiRobot class. You instantiate this and connect to the robot. Then you can call methods in the WiRobot class to control the robot. Properties of the class provide you with data from the robot. It is possible to use this class from any .NET language in a managed environment.

NOTE: This code currently has to be compiled in unsafe mode. This is because there are still lots of pointers in the code, especially to handle the JPEG decompression for images from the camera. Eventually I hope to rewrite the code so that it is fully managed and no longer marked as unsafe.

Copyright and License

This code is Copyright, but it is available for free download and you can modify and use the code according to the license which is included in the ZIP file. One of the conditions of use is that you must retain the Copyright notice in any new versions of the code.