WiRobot Test


X80 WiRobots can be controlled remotely (tele-operated) via WiFi (Wireless Ethernet). Any PC with a UTP network connection can plug into the wireless access point supplied with the robot.

Note that this program uses the .NET Framework, and therefore it actually runs on any PC with .NET 2.0 installed. I test it on a laptop running Windows XP SP2. You can see what it looks like under Windows XP in the Gallery.

Note that this program produces log files that can be used with the Packet Sender if you want to simulate the robot by sending pre-recorded packets.


The program has only been tested on Windows XP Service Pack 2. You do not need a lot of memory or a particularly fast PC. Although I have 1GB of RAM and a 2GHz processor, this is fairly standard for today's PCs.

I have run the program for more than an hour over 30,000 packets received from the robot.

If you want to modify or re-compile this program you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (NOT 2005).

Running the Program

Download the Visual Studio project for the program (see below) and unzip the file. You will find the executable in WiRobotTest\Debug directory. Simply run WiRobotTest.exe. There is no installation required.

Some documentation is available on how to run the program, but it should be fairly easy to understand without the documentation.


You can download the entire program, including the source code. File size is around 1.3MB. Latest version 17th September, 2006.

The program is written in C++ using Visual Studio 2003. Strictly speaking, it is not a .NET application. All of the necessary files are in the download, including the source for the network connection (NetCode directory), and the robot control (WiRobot_C directory).

If you are only interested in the base code, then look at the WiRobot_C directory. This contains all of the necessary files. However, it is dependent on the network code. You will have to replace the basic network operations if you intend to write your own program.

The code has deliberatedly been written WITHOUT using classes. This is so that it should be useable in C. However, the structure of the code makes it fairly easy to convert to a class implementation. (This is how the C# WiRobotDLL was created.)

Copyright and License

This code is Copyright, but it is available for free download and you can modify and use the code according to the license which is included in the ZIP file. One of the conditions of use is that you must retain the Copyright notice in any new versions of the code.